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        Gamesys Group plc is committed to conducting itself and running its business activities responsibly. Our approach to corporate responsibility is founded on three principles – putting the customer first, actively encouraging responsible gaming and treating our employees fairly. This way, Gamesys Group plc is building a better business – in the right way.

        Responsible gaming

        Gamesys Group plc has a loyal and growing customer base and we aim to build long-term and sustainable relationships with our customers. In doing this, we recognise the importance of promoting a culture of responsible gaming by providing tools and support to protect our customers and minimising the risks of problem gaming.

        Operating a responsible business

        High standards of corporate responsibility underpin our business activities. Across our organisation we are committed to:

        • Treating our employees fairly
        • Creating an ethical culture
        • Reducing our environmental impact
        • Supporting local communities

        Our priorities

        We conducted a desk-based materiality study in 2017 to identify the corporate responsibility issues that are of the utmost importance to our business and stakeholders. The outcomes of this study identified two key areas and these form the basis of our reporting: responsible gaming and operating a responsible business.

        How we manage corporate responsibility

        We recognise the importance of strong corporate governance in embedding responsible business practices across our operations and maintaining our reputation. Since IPO we have been developing our governance framework and have set up a Board-level ESG Committee chaired by an independent Non-Executive Director which is tasked with reviewing the Company’s compliance and corporate responsibility policies and processes and evolving our ESG strategy.

        We set up an operational customer sustainability group in October to identify how we can become more responsible as a business. This group includes representatives from across the whole business including the compliance, AML Operations, operational, payments and risk functions and the VIP team. Its remit is to deliver a customer sustainability programme balancing customer protection and the customer experience to ensure we are building a long-term, sustainable business. The group meets weekly and is currently developing a dedicated roadmap focusing on key issues including customer interaction and engagement, anti-money laundering,sources of wealth and responsible gaming.